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Triple Threat Triple Pak Black Iris



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Triple Threat Triple Pak Black Iris
Triple Threat Triple Pak Black Iris
Triple Threat Triple Pak Black Iris

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Product OverviewTriple Threat Triple Pak Black Iris
  • If comfort, style and confidence are on your list of must-haves, treat yourself to the Foot Petals™ Triple Threat Triple Pack and stroll with poise.
  • Excellent gift for the girl on the go!
  • Helps with sizing and fit issues.
  • Made from PORON® performance urethanes which help stop friction, prevent blister and calluses from forming, protect bones and tissue, and provide overall comfort.
  • Kit includes:
    Killer Kushionz® (1 pair) - 3/4 insoles absorb shock at the sensitive heel strike and ball-of-the-foot areas. Insoles that provide ultimate support and can be worn in open-toe shoes.
    Heavenly Heelz® (1 pair) - back-of-heel cushions that help keep heels from slipping in and out of shoes.
    Tip Toes® (1 pair) - ball-of-foot cushions to stop feet from sliding forward.
  • Spectape™ adhesive on the backing for lasting placement.
  • 1. Remove adhesive backing.
    2. Place the widest part of Tip Toes cushion towards the front of the shoe right below toes. Area must be clean and dry.
    3. Press firmly in place. Adhesive is permanent, not recommended to remove and reuse.
  • Made in the U.S.A. and Imported.