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Tip Toes 3 Pack Safari Animal



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Tip Toes 3 Pack Safari Animal

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Product OverviewTip Toes 3 Pack Safari Animal
  • Stand tall with confidence and with the Tip Toes 3-Pack Safari in place, there shouldn't be any slips.
  • Package includes three pairs of cushion inserts.
  • Unique flower-shaped ball-of-the-foot cushions are specifically targeted for use inside the shoe.
  • Cushions provide all-day comfort for sensitive ball-of-the-foot area.
  • Helps prevent calluses from forming.
  • Protects bones and tissue.
  • Excellent with hosiery to stop runs and prevent slipping and sliding effect.
  • Variety of colors and prints included.
  • Self-adhesive.
  • Made in the U.S.A. and Imported.