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Technogel Kit 1 HH, 1 PP & Blisstick Assorted

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Technogel Kit   1 HH, 1 PP & Blisstick Assorted

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Product OverviewTechnogel Kit 1 HH, 1 PP & Blisstick Assorted
  • The perfect kit to keep you strutting your stuff in style!
  • Kit comes with Heavenly Heelz®, Pressure Pointz®, and the Blisstick.
  • Package includes
    Heavenly Heelz® (1 pair) - back-of-heel cushions that help keep heels from slipping in and out of shoes.
    Pressure Pointz® (3 pairs) Add comfort to trouble spots in shoes.
    Blisstick - Helps reduce rubbing and irritation.
  • This patented, revolutionary gel is like no other. Its 3-dimensional shock absorption reduces stress on pressure points to provide superior comfort with every step. These virtually invisible cushions contour to your foot and provide long-lasting cushioning that never goes flat . . . GUARANTEED!
  • Reusable from shoe to shoe.
  • Directions:
    1. Remove adhesive backing.
    2. For Heavenly Heelz, position in a clean, dry area.
    3. Press firmly in place.
    4. Wash with soap and water to restore adhesiveness.
  • Imported.